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Ellie is content to rule her pack by herself. Choosing to call herself Luna in honor of her late mother, Ellie thinks she doesn’t need an Alpha, relying on her father, Michael, to help her with the pack.

Michael not only wants to retire, he wants grandkids! When he comes up with the idea to have a tournament so that neighboring Alphas can compete for her hand, Ellie reluctantly agrees.

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Book Boyfriend of the Week

Aliyah is a self-made home renovator who has taken on the task of renovating the Charleston Manor, a home that’s mysteriously been on the market for over seven years. She’s traveled all the way to Rapid Springs, MI, far away from her home in Santa Fe, and she’s left her family behind on bad terms, determined to show them she can be successful on her own. However, once Aliyah arrives in Rapid Springs, she immediately catches the eye of bad boy Neo. Aliyah didn’t go there looking for love, but she’s drawn to this quiet, stoic man. The feeling seems to be mutual, but will Neo be able to let her into his heart with his past still haunting him? Will he be able to love her without his dangerous world crashing down on them both? Aliyah must decide how deep she’ll let herself go for a love that seems destined to cause trouble.

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