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His secrets might get me killed. A territory fight leads to kidnappings. I knew bikers were dangerous, but I didn’t think it would end in this disaster.

My obsession with this mountain of a man is totally life-consuming.
Intense, secretive, dangerous, basically everything I should stay away from.

He warns me of his broken past,
but I’m not scared of rough edges.

I challenge him every step of the way.
He won’t tolerate my disobedience.

His silence pushes me into the arms of a deceiving enemy and I don’t know who to trust…

The sexy alpha biker that won’t open up, or the chiseled-faced prospect that says too much.

The wrong choice makes it all erupt. My savior ends up being the man I didn’t trust.
Because just like his brothers in the club, he would die before they ever took his property

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Book Boyfriend of the Week

Whoa … I need to keep my paws to myself.

That’s what I tell myself when I realize Elle is the one my friend picked as my new live-in nanny. And what I tell myself every morning when she takes over with the baby, and every night before she scampers away to her room.
My wolf wants her. Bad.
But the nanny? What are we, a walking cliche?
And besides, there are way too many complications to bring a sweet, innocent human into the mix—a legal career to build in a small town that doesn’t trust you, a late wife who left a mess behind her, and a daughter who needs me to make sure they grow up with the life they deserve.
The problem?
It’s not just my wolf who wants her …

Lawyer Wolf’s New Nanny is a small town single dad/nanny shifter romance featuring an alpha wolf who’s not used to hearing the word no and the sweet human woman who can’t help taking care of everyone around her. Sweet, steamy, and an HEA guaranteed!

Read here for only $0.99!

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